Stylebit CLI tool is designed to analyze design system adoption in codebase. It will crawl the codebase and will try to find all the places where the design system is used and calculate adoption rate.

  • Supports React/Typescript for components as well as scss/css for design tokens.
  • Support React Native.
  • Supports WebComponents (alpha).


npm install -g @stylebit/cli

Get access token

stylebit login

Run locally

stylebit run --config=./stylebit.config.json --dry-run

NOTE: --config option is required



It’s recommended to install stylebit cli globally. Make sure you have it installed globally before moving forward.
  • If you select technology but nothing happens make sure you provide correct config.json path. To see exact message run in --verbose mode
  • If you see an error
    ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘$Home/.stylebit/credentials’
    make sure you are logged in. stylebit login will navigate you to the browser. Log in there and you will get your credentials for the cli. If you were logged in, probably your token has expired. Try to login again.