About Stylebit:

Stylebit consist of the cli and a web application.

  1. Stylebit cli is a devtool which detects design system in the codebase and provides analytics on it’s usage (across all projects). Stylebit’s core is an npm package and lives in npm registry. The core can function as standalone product and be integrated into CI/CD pipelines. The input of the core is the codebase and the output is JSON report.

Regarding the security you can check our security section Security

  1. Web application enables you to view the analytics (charts, dashboards) also track design system trends during long time period.

What’s possible to get now:

  • You can track your web application design system components written in React.
  • You can track your mobile application design system components written in React Native.
  • You can track design system tokens written in scss and css.
  • You can track web components (in alpha) vanilla as well as lit-element, polymer, lwc and partially stencil.
  • web application is available at https://app.stylebit.io/
  • SwiftUI (ios) and Jetpack Compose (android) are in the queue